Wheels on the Summit
Sandy Lahmann

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Challenging the reader to a new understanding

Great news for 2013! I have moved back to Summit County and now have the great privilege of devoting myself full time to writing! I am so thrilled to finally have the time I need to fully devote myself to my writing projects.

I am a freelance writer continually focused on challenging readers to look into worlds they rarely consider and form new conclusions. Through my column, Disability 101, and other articles, I've encouraged readers to come into the world of disability. It's not want you think it is. I am a person with multiple sclerosis and a part-time wheelchair user. I also monoski double-diamond black ski slopes (advanced and expert runs for you non-skiers), handcycle up mountain passes, and hike mountains using
forearm crutches. Disability is not a world of "poor me, please help me" but a world of creative possibilities and exploring new dreams.

My current project is my novel, The Private Musings of a Crazy Person. I am currently devoting myself fully to the process of writing this new novel and plan to spend most of 2013 on it's creation. With The Private Musings of a Crazy Person, a work of fiction, I will bring you into the world of childhood sexual abuse and associated PTSD. But it's not what you think it is. It's not just the horror, it's also the hope. It's about finding beauty, joy, laughter and love regardless of the nightmare. It's a beautiful love story. It's about losing everything, and then building a whole new life.

Please browse through my website to read all of my previously published columns and articles and to keep track of my progress with my novel. Thanks for visiting my site and being willing to explore new possibilities!


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